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Your Credit Report

Your Credit Report will be used by mortgage lenders to check your credit history and they often use multiple credit reference agencies to do so. We will help you work through your report so that we are in the best position to source the most suitable mortgage tailored to your circumstances. You can sign up to a free 30 day trial, but you can cancel at any time simply by logging in and sending them a secure message, by phone or by email. If you decide to keep the service after your trial ends, it only costs £14.99 a month.  To ‘Sign Up’ please follow this link:

Once you have downloaded your Report you can upload this to our Client Portal.  We will receive notification to let us know your Credit Report has arrived securely in our Portal. 

If you feel you do not wish to continue with the service from CheckmyFile, please make sure that you cancel before the 30 day trial ends. You can cancel online here or just log in to your Credit Report, click on ‘Expert Help’ and ‘I need help with my account’, and then on ‘I’d like to stop my subscription’.  You can also cancel by phoning CheckMyFile during office hours on 0800 086 9360 or by emailing

If you were introduced to CheckMyFile by Solutions Mortgage Centre please note that we may receive a disbursement from CheckMyFile.